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The pleasure is mine...
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If you've been searching for that sexy, intelligent lady who can turn you on, make you laugh, and drive you crazy...


She exists... And would love to meet you!

I am Charlotte.


Vibrant and Fun - I love to laugh and enjoy life!

I’m a smart and sexy girlfriend who has benefited from a quality higher education. 

I like to think I'm well traveled, well read and well suited to someone looking for a genuine experience. 


Completely liberated; I love pleasure and passion of all kinds; from intimacy and sensuality... to passion and exploring my kinkier side! 


I love exciting dates; with a focus on chemistry and our mutual pleasure. I cater to gentleman who are bored with unfulfilling and unsatisfying experiences.


I am an all natural doll with no enhancements. I am very toned and love working out and looking after myself. I have an incredible, genuine smile, big blue expressive eyes and ever changing hair... 


I believe in living a life less ordinary. I love dressing up, manicure pedicure, and anything feminine, but I am also athletic and enjoy the outdoors.


I’m the girlfriend who is just as happy with her makeup off and hair tied back, as she is being your glamorous +1. I have a silly sense of humor and don’t take myself too seriously, but do take pride in being able to provide the perfect environment for you to unwind, and be yourself. 


I offer you an exclusive combination of luxury and authenticity: quality fun with real substance.



I invite you to awaken the sensuality and eroticism that lies within you. To experience new heights of passion and pleasure...



Care to make some magic with me?



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While there is SO much more to me than what I love... here is just a little taste of who I am.

I love to sing and I love music! I am a vocalist in a punk band when I'm not traveling. You can catch me singing all throughout the day. :)

Speaking next favorite hobby - traveling!!

Beaches, mountains, Planes, trains, the long lonely highways... I am there!

I'm very fortunate that this industry has allowed me to roam and grow... Making new friends and seeing all there is to see is what I live for! 


Discovering new cuisines...

If I had to pick - I'd say sushi is my go - to but I am very adventurous when it comes to food. Show me your favorites!!

You never know if you don't try right?


A true Southern Girl... I love Red Wine, Cheap Beer and Expensive Whiskey


I love flowers! Bright vibrant colors and sweet smells make me happy! 

Poppies, Snap Dragons, Dahlias, Roses

My favorite colors are Purple, Red, Black and Neon Green


Animals hold a special place in my heart. I love all furry friends but wolves and cats are gorgeous!


Scents/Perfumes - anything with Vanilla or orange blossom are my favorites. 


Anything else you'd like to know?

Just ask! 

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